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Please don't let the group be apart SUHO keep them together and walk on exo path only. Dont cry Martyguptill champ!!

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Have the Best Game Replying to realDonaldTrump narendramodi. Thanks a Lot Mr. ChrisEvans Sir I literally cried my eyes out after the movie. Because we may not see you as a capitan again. I want to thank you for everything. I still don't know how many screenshots I have of this gorgeous saved in my phone. I almost tried capturing her various mood.

If it's possible bring her back or convey my love to her. Replying to MariaSharapova. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mam MariaSharapova , Keep enjoying the every moment of life and have a great time ahead.

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Always shine like a star. You did your best All the best for future as well Last night was a landfill of awkwardness, heavy hearts, and something close to pure happiness.

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It ended in a beautiful way though. Deep discussions, classical music on a record player, fruit bowls, looking at old yearbooks, and laughing uncontrollably until our sides hurt and our throats were dry. I think that's what I'm supposed to feel like all the time. I'm working on that.


Did you know that dingos can hold their breath longer than humans can? Probably not because it isn't true. Maybe it is, idk, I'm not a cosmetologist or anything. I played the accordion today and went outside and got a bee sting and went ice skating. The sun was warm.

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I feel okay. I aspire to be as likable and lovely and happy as Mabel.

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I was really happy last night with my three good friends and I hope that you guys can feel that happy all of the time. Anyone who says Blubland isn't canon is really just lying to themselves because they're jealous of how two people can be so in love while they can't even get Siri to laugh.

I mean, just look at them, they're standing behind a literal canon! Woah gravityfalls gravityfinale takebackthefalls northwest isntitbeautiful goodbyepines weirdmageddon weirdapocalypse. Told you I was gonna post it again!!! We never actually heard about this thing ever again, like what the heck?

see Honestly, I think Alex made a good decision but it's still odd to say goodbye.