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Working parents may have difficulty setting aside three days for the intensive part of the training. There really is such a thing.

Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Related Disorders

The fact is, however, some kids may take a couple more days than others. Reviews of the book are mixed, but generally positive. It provides step-by-step, easy to follow plans and many tips for staying calm and focused. Some users feel there is not enough information for training to poop and nighttime training.

This book comes recommended by Baby Center website and Heavy. The authors make it clear that each child and his parents differ emotionally to potty training and that needs to be the primary focus. For this reason, some parents may find the psychological basis of the book less helpful than a step-by-step plan.

Alternatively, this book may be used in addition to other how-to books for better understanding and insight into what is going on with your child in particular. Not all potty training books are for the adults. Potty by Leslie Patricelli gets kudos from everyone.

Amazon rates it as their number one best seller of all books on potty training. Parent Magazine likes it as well as the previously cited websites. When read aloud, both parents and kids get a kick out of the descriptions offered by the humorous details in the book. It is a great way to lighten the stressful times for both sides of the bathroom. Uh Oh! Gotta Go! Has to do with myelin sheath development, I believe.

I know DHEA to be primarily a precursor to many hormones. DHA on the other hand is a lipid that is well known to be very important in a baby's brain development and in the makeup and function of cells, particularly nerve cells. That is why DHA is becoming a rather common supplement in foods including milk. Why would that surprise you? She appears to be uninformed, relatively uneducated and clueless about science.

You seem to be a VERY educated and friendly person using educated as your name. You also seem to like to use hateful comments without facts along people whose opinions differ from yours. Just "pointing it out".

I wound up with severe liver damage and stunted growth and experienced sever severe physiological side on ritalin after being diagnosed with "ADHD" which I now debunked. Basically it screwed me up for nothing. It doesn't matter if which one it is. Your the one who needs vitamins for your underdeveloped brain.

The kid doesn't have ADHD, nobody does. But they do have legitimate problems that they deserve actual help with.

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That can be a side effect because of lack of appetite. But not always. My son has adhd and has been on methylphenidate SR since age 7. He's now 15 years old, lbs, 6" tall.

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  • And still growing!! Medications were a God send for not only him but myself who was diagnosed at age My son also started medication very young. Now at 24, he is 6'4". He is intelligent and has an unbelievable memory. Thank God for medication. What's early childhood without the urge to bounce?

    Temper Tantrums? Mistakes to be learned and grow from? If you drug them away where's the humanity? The room for growth? The joy of childhood? The skills he would be learning needed in the future? It will cause him problems if he doesn't learn those skills? Where did the humanity and feeling in childhood go?

    Let Your ADHD Student Fidget!

    When did it turn to fear and stress? While I agree many conditions in children are overdiagnosed, this is flat wrong. This is like saying why complain about obesity, do you want people to be starved skeletons. Or the inverse, anorexia is fine because the alternative is being a fat lazy lump, right? Like many other things, it's a matter of extremes when a middle ground is needed. ADHD is not "kids having short attention spans". ADHD is kids, and later teenagers, and adults, often being unable to concentrate or get things done even when they work their hardest at it, even simple fun things like talking to a friend or playing a game are hard to focus on.

    And yes, in some cases it might have social causes that medication can't or shouldn't be used to fix, but I don't think that's all the time. Ritalin does not take all the joy out of life or turn kids into mindless, emotionless couch potatoes with no energy. Some drugs have worse side effects for some people, but that's a matter of choosing which one, or none, to take on an individual basis, not implying anyone who uses them lacks humanity.


    As a child I was put on methylphenidate and it severely screwed me up. It can cause mania and auditory hallucinations. For me I experienced this:. Methylphenidate was really bad mentally. I was on that drug for a while. That was when my symptoms of "ADHD" got the worst.

    8 Potty Training Do's and Don'ts

    You see everything methylphenidate is supposed to prevent is caused by, well methylphenidate. It made my brain unfunctionabally foggy, and a bit reckless. My feelings scared me and didn't feel like my own, and I didn't like what I thought. They were things about defiance to my grandma, and violence, which I tried not to follow. I didn't want to do some things, but with the the drug affecting me it was hard, and confusing. It was hard to convince my psychiatrist to get me off of them because of that, but I got off. Now I'm doing fine. I am in good health and have all A's and proud teachers.

    My behavior problems were caused by dealing with domestic violence, being parented by a father with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, stress, and being gifted. You might not want to know what's going on in your son's mind, and he might not understand it himself, but you might not want to use Methylphenidate, I also find the company to be very dishonest, and I don't trust it.

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    Welcome to ADHD, the disease that was bought into, created simply by environment, underconfidence, and simply believing in yourself that you have it ADHD. I know a boy who has suffered from ADHD by believing he was incompetent because he had it, and that it was an excuse. So he's lazy, doesn't try, and doesn't apply himself. He believes it's because he has ADHD. But it's not. It's his belief in it. It's amazing what you can achieve if you believe in yourself.

    Maybe someday he will recognize this, and say this was me. I hope he does. He's very, very, nice, and this level is preventing him from his potential, one absence of a label away. Thanks a lot for writing your comments. I find them very valuable. I am a teacher and a grandmother of a child 8yrs has just asked me for help because she thinks her grandchild has been misdiagnosed. The child has objections against taking medication.