Manual Interventional Radiology in Bone and Joint

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Common interventional radiology procedures include:.

  • Interventional radiology.
  • Interventional Radiology.
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  • Interventional radiology in bone and joint (Book) |!

Tumor ablation procedures: These minimally invasive treatments may destroy tissue using extreme temperatures. Ablation may be used to treat tumors or alleviate symptoms. Examples of ablation procedures are radiofrequency ablation and microwave ablation.

Indications for Operative Fixation

Liver-directed therapies: Targeted treatment is delivered directly to liver tumors, sparing nearby healthy tissue and reducing some side effects. Drainage catheters: Fluid retention is a common side effect of some types of cancer. Catheters are used to drain excess fluid and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Bone and joint pain management: A variety of bone and joint injections, nerve blocks and fracture management techniques may be used to provide relief from pain.

Call us anytime. Outpatient Care Centers. Becoming a Patient. Technique of lumbar chemonucleolysis. Laredo, J. Busson, M. Wybier, M.

Chymopapain chemonucleolysis in cervical herniated discs. Lazorthes, J. Richaud, J.

Percutaneous lumbar discectomy and decompression. Percutaneous automated discectomy. The lateral percutaneous approach to discectomy. Facet joint arthrography and steroid injection.

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  6. Percutaneous radio frequency lumbar facet denervation: rhizolysis. Lavignolle, J. Senegas, J. Honton, J. Guerin, J. Technique of angiography and embolization.

    Musculoskeletal Radiologists

    Interventional vascular radiology in musculo-skeletal trauma. Indications of embolization in bone and soft tissue tumors. Radiologic Management of Vertebral hemangiomas. Laredo, D.

    Orthopedic Interventional Radiology:

    Reizine, J. Merland, M. Intra-arterial treatment of primary bone tumors. Wallace, C.

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    Carrasco, C. Charnsangavej, W. Richli, N. Jaffe, J.