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This is why we and our trusted Commerce Partners use 'cookies' to remember and store information about how you use our site. If you would like to find out more, please read our updated Cookies Policy. You can also find more information in our updated Privacy Policy. Braun, a high-profile music industry figure whose clients include Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, has now responded to the controversy. I try to do things above board. I try to do the right thing. Ten-time Grammy winner Swift had been signed with the Big Machine Label Group since starting her career in music as a teenager.

Since her master recordings were sold, she has confirmed she plans to re-record her old songs. Swift released her seventh studio album, Lover, in August.

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Sir Paul McCartney says he still has a passion for songwriting. Justin Bieber has shared a throwback photo with wife Hailey Baldwin ahead of their second wedding. The couple, who are preparing to tie the knot for the second time, have known each other since they were teenagers. View this post on Instagram My wife and I???? Ed Sheeran has shown off another artistic side during a break from touring. The year-old started touring his latest Metallica has postponed its forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand as vocalist and co-founder James Hetfield has gone back into rehab.

The band was due to play concerts in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland next month as part of their Worldwired tour. The BBC announced earlier this year that it would means-test licence fees for the elderly. Especially against someone like Andrew Luck, because if the Titans have to bring a variety of blitz looks to get pressure, well, here's betting Luck hits them for a slew of chunk plays.

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Man, the spin cycle of mediocrity the Titans are currently churning has to be frustrating for their fans. Even if they get into the playoffs, does anyone truly think this team has what it takes to win three games and get to a Super Bowl? No, neither do I.

So where does that leave you? Well, that question, while vague and certainly offers nobility in pursuing an answer. But the edges of that question all point to Marcus Mariota and the conversation of whether he's a franchise quarterback. Yes, he's completing better than 68 percent of his throws, but those throws are more check downs and screens than anything. Yes, he has helped the team to a win-and-your-in spot without Delanie Walker, his most trusted receiving option, and the stunted growth of Corey Davis, who looks like Jerry Rice one week and Jerry Lewis the next.

But he also seemingly always has one foot in the trainer's room and one item on the injury report. And now the kicker, and fair or unfair, we judge quarterbacks differently because success and failure in the parity-packed NFL falls at their feet. Mariota is as a starter. Yes, he is the NFL poster child of fighting for the range of and He averages more than 10 interceptions a season and has not started all 16 games in any of his four years. By comparison, Aaron Rodgers has fewer than twice as many picks in three times as many starts. He's also as a starter and has started every game in seven of his 11 seasons as a starter and two of the ones he didn't, he sat out the finale to rest for the playoffs.

OK, maybe it's not fair to measure Mariota to Rodgers, who is the best I've ever seen play the position. But where do you start that baseline when you are trying to determine whether Mariota deserves franchise starting money? Yes Mariota's younger, but would any of those teams trade any of those dudes for Mariota?

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Of course not. What about the next tier? Those dudes have signed the next-level deals and we're pretty sure none of those teams would trade their guy for Mariota either. Wipe the next-gen guys from the discussion because the skills and promise of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff and Carson Wentz combined with their current affordability is the reason that three of those dudes are likely going to have a playoff bye next week and the other was part of last year's Super Bowl champ.

And we're pretty sure the Browns and the Jets and the Ravens are completely happy with their rookie starters too. So where does that leave the Titans and Mariota? That is 19 quarterback situations off the cuff that certainly appear better than what the Titans have currently. And if you are going to extend the QB because it is the safer play and it avoids the unknown of finding the next QB, well, which two or three starters are going to be a casualty of those checks, because it almost assuredly will be Derrick Henry, who has been the beast the last month a lot of us expected from Day 1.

Personally, I'd send Mariota packing after next season — the Titans have the option — and next spring with the draft in Nashville, we look to trade up in front of Jacksonville and take whichever quarterback you perceive to be the best from this draft class. On Monday, I suggested that the wrestling ref who made the high school wrestler cut his dreads was a loser. Unless I missed it, neither Jay nor the 5 10 peanut gallery, outside of my post, has mentioned the incident. When you add in that the ref had earlier been suspended for directing a racial epithet at another ref, this is a blot on the sports world at a time when most of America is talking about such things.

So my question for Friday's bag is this: Is this one too hot to handle, or can you share some words of wisdom? It also made me think of the LeBron issues Stewwie raised earlier this week with this post: "A belated weekend loser to LeBron for his terrible comments about NFL owners. It's become clear that he's a racist and no one in the mainstream media seems to care. Leave it to Clay Travis to be the only one out there who is willing to be critical of the comments, not just for the racial tone, but for how uneducated and hypocritical they were.

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Very good write-up from the gay Muslim libertarian Senate-hopeful king of the internet. Everywhere we look these days there are knuckleheads doing knuckle-headed things. This ref likely will be exiled before the season is out and to that we say good-riddance, especially if the stories are true about him having a history of using racial slurs in competitive arenas. And in truth, that is one of the reasons we point a mocking finger at the faux-outrage of so many around us who are super quick to be outraged by the tiniest of controversies and the latest Twitter cause of the social justice warriors.

All that angst makes us more and more deaf and obtuse to the real scenarios that deserve scrutiny and scorn. That ref is a loser, and deserves whatever comes his way. Hey bub, this ain't your little military and you don't get to make the rules as you go. And kudos to the wrestler who took it, accepted it made a decision and won his match anyway.

And in truth the LeBron stuff is more interesting, and if it had not happened at this intersection of holidays and football and everything else, maybe that would have been a bigger story.

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We frequently check Clay Travis' website. He has crafted a very lucrative spot for himself in the sports media world by being an over-the-top confrontationist who preaches to his choir on the opposite side of the mainstream. His audience adores him for that, but it's the sports version of Fox or CNN that tells their audience what they want to hear in a lot of ways.

And to call LeBron stupid is quite simply stupid. Dude is a lot of things, but do you really think stupid is on the short list of adjectives to describe him?

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I do not. Does Bill Ballou now go to the front for the jack wagon of the year? Seriously, All this end of the year stuff. Why not have a jack wagon of the year. That debate has been an interesting one. We will get into that a little more when the bowl craziness subsides. We know who some of these folks may nominate for the local version of the Jackwagon of the Year Award. A happy new year would be you finding a new job. Have you ever been a part of a team or even played a sport or have you always been a pencil-pushing geek sitting on the sideline. If you knew what it meant to be on a team you would know why real fans are ticked off at these ungrateful college players thinking only of themselves and sitting out the bowl games that fans pay good money to go see.

Where's the commitment? Of course not, and you are praising them for it.

You make me sick. No, Woody Hayes would not have put up with it. He likely would have punched someone, and yesI could really answer this and shred this argument, but I will let it ride with this:. The Chattanooga Times Free Press web sites include interactive areas in which users can express opinions and share ideas and information. We cannot and do not monitor all of the material submitted to the website. Additionally, we do not control, and are not responsible for, content submitted by users. By using the web sites, you may be exposed to content that you may find offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable.

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From Steve M. Steve — First, completely agree on Casey.